Star Wars

Chapter III: Party Time!

Kurzon returns for a visit and brings along more supplies and…a cantina???


After having a painful (I still feel it!) time sneaking past a mutated wampa, I managed to secure for myself a lightsaber crystal from the cave near the enclave. It feels… I’m not sure how to describe the sensation of wielding a lightsaber again.

But I’m practicing with it more and more, and Sul’Ree and the other two jedi are helping me train. I’m beginning to think this could actually work!

Chapter III: Party Time!

Ow… Sith Alchemy always produces such dangerous creatures…

Well, at least I kept the others from any real injury. Plenty of opportunity to heal, with both Kendra and I present.

While I will admit that Kurzon has quite the roguish charm, I have to wonder about his wisdom in setting up a cantina in a place where the young and stupid will train.

A Defender needs not alcohol or fine foods. The simple, good things of life are enough. And that is part of what I will teach here, once we have some students…

Chapter III: Party Time!
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