Star Wars

Chapter IV: Little Orphan An-Nee

Our heroes took a trip to Coruscant in search of a Force Sensitive child only to run into a vicious gang of criminals known as the Rancors…


After weeks of struggling with his own madness, I think Sul’Ree has finally found himself. His insanity was strong enough that it formed its own dark side “spirit.” By helping him face his own fears not only did he overcome his weakness, but I feel I learn something of the Force as well.

Which is good, because now we can trust him to watch the Enclave when we head elsewhere. Also, another able body to protect against the raider threat will be welcome.

I have a bad feelng something dark is coming… if it isn’t already here.

Chapter IV: Little Orphan An-Nee

Something has occurred to me.

Jedi suck at fighting.

Don’t get me wrong: they have wisdom, serenity, and knowledge. Some of them are alright in a duel, or capable in a small skirmish. But on the whole, Jedi cannot fight battles or wars.

Small wonder so many of them died during the Clone Wars, even before Order 66.

But I grew up on stories of Jedi Generals and Lords, masters of combat and warfare! Where did these stories come from, if not from the modern Jedi?

They are going to doom that child with their passivity…

Perhaps I have been too influenced by the Dark Side. Defeating that Rancor was exhilarating, the best fight I’ve had in some time… and it brought about an imbalance within myself.

I shall have to meditate, and correct this. It doesn’t make what I said about the Jedi any less valid, though.

Chapter IV: Little Orphan An-Nee
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