Star Wars

Chapter VIII: Manaan Prt. 1 "R & R"


The Heroes of Khoonda Plains arrive at Manaan in search for the second Star Map. They settled in a luxurious hotel, courtesy of Faefiri, and enjoyed their time shopping and sightseeing before going on with their search.


Eventually, they started their search at the Ahto City Archives in attempt to follow Revan’s footsteps many centuries ago. They discovered that they need to go down into the ocean in order to find the Star Map however the Selkath have restricted outsiders from going underneath due to the dangers there. Kendra however managed to arrange something with Senator Mon Mothma to gain approval to go down below; now they await word to hear back from her. In the meantime, the heroes decide to enjoy the pleasures that Ahto City has to provide for them…


overlord_hupp overlord_hupp

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