Star Wars

Interlude II: Prize Fight

The Heroes of Khoonda Plains make a trip to Nar Shadaa to track down a Force Sensitive youngling.

Kendra and Gaz manage to find help via a reputable slicer calling himself “Lo-Kee” in tracking down this gifted child.

Meanwhile, the others earn their income the only way one can on Nar Shadaa…gambling. After using the Force to “insure” their winning, they earned a large some of credits to become self-sufficient. However Faefiri and Exal were caught cheating and was banned from most casinos.

After all meeting up, they discovered the child was already purchased by a rich tycoon that is head of a powerful corporation on Nar Shadaa. He eventually agreed to allow the Jedi to have the child only if they would provide entertainment: one of their own to be the champion against his own champion, a nameless Mandalorian.

Faefiri managed to win the duel and they were awarded the child. They managed to return to Dantooine where they rested a bit and then began training their new padawans.


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