Banshee Squad

Bravo Team of the Republic Special Forces


Stats for GM’s eyes only.


The Banshees is a special forces team that’s seen its fair share of action during the Rebellion and New Republic days.

There are 5 members of this team currently:

Commander: Lt. ??
XO: Lt. ??
Demolitions: Sgt. ??
Slicer: Cpl. ??
Ordnance: Cpl. ??

Only three of the five were the original team members during the GCW days. The commanding officer was originally the XO until the original commanding officer stepped down due to an operation that failed because they were set up by a commanding officer that defected to the Empire. Due to the set up, the Banshees lost one of their members of the crew and the CO became upset and retired shortly thereafter. That CO was Galen Frey. The original officers still carry much respect for Galen and would do anything for him should he ask (assuming he were to ever contact them again).

Banshee Squad

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