z-Dantooine Raiders (disbanded)

Dangerous well-armed thugs that threaten the surrounding communities


Dantooine Raider Thug see Thug (pg. 284 in Core Rulebook)

Elite Dantooine Raider see Soldier, Elite (pg. 94 in TotG)


No one truly knows where this group of raiders came from or what their goals are. For the most part, they have been mostly inactive (save for the few hapless people that stumble across them) up until the Jedi encountered them and now have become dangerously active.

Thanks to a datapad found on one of the Raider Assassins body found by Faefiri, the Jedi have discovered the Raiders plan for an all out assault on the Jedi Enclave.

The raiders were disbanded when they were defeated at the hands of the heroes and Banshee Squad during the Battle of Khoonda Plains. There may be some remnants of the raiders running about in the form of bandits or mercenaries but they do not hold the same fear or power they once did.

z-Dantooine Raiders (disbanded)

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