Jedi fresh out of hiding


Medium Male Human Jedi 3/Scoundrel 6
Init: + 9; Perception + 10
Force: 9; Dark Side: 0
Languages: Basic, Huttese, Ryll

Defenses: Ref 27, Fort 21, Will 22
hp 71; Threshold 21

Speed: 6 squares
Melee: Unarmed + 5 (1d4 + 4)

Abilities: Str 10 (+ 0), Dex 18 (+ 4), Con 10 (+ 0), Int 14 (+ 0), Wis 13 (+ 1), Cha 16 (+ 3)
Feats: Weapon Proficiencies (pistols, simple, lightsaber), point blank shot, precise shot, skill focus (Pilot), dodge, improved defenses, force training x 1, bad feeling
Force Powers: Mind Trick x 2
Skills: Pilot + 18, Stealth + 13, Deception + 12, Persuasion + 12, Perception + 10, Use Computer + 11, Use the Force +12
Talents: Clear Mind, Force Haze, Fortune’s Favor, Knack x 2
Possessions: Ragged clothing, a cred-chip with 3,000 credits “spending money”


Placed on the doorstep of an orphanage when he was a baby, Del knows—nor cares—nothing of his parents. He raised himself on the streets of Corellia, fending for himself with help from no one. That is, until he tried to pickpocket an Ithorian tourist who turned out to be a Jedi Knight. Knight Famdoral immediately sensed the young boy’s connection with the force and had him inducted into the Jedi Order.

Years later, Famdoral choose Del to become his padawan, and they had many adventures across the galaxy. It was on one of these adventures, when the two were traveling under cover, that Order 66 was issued. The two went into hiding, though not well enough. Del watched, helpless in the shadows, as a squad of the 501st legion killed Famdoral. The young man managed to escape, and went further into hiding, leaving his lightsaber, and every other bit of his past as a Jedi, behind.

Now grown, Del hid out on various planets, moving when things got too hot. His last “home” was the lower levels of Coruscant. During the New Republic’s attack he tried to steal relief rations and was captured. He began serving “community service” for the government he tried to steal from.

Since being on Dantooine, his secret past has been revealed. He finally let go of his fear of being captured and has started training to once more become a Jedi.


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