Khoonda Townhall Building

Where the Khoonda Farming Community gathers for important meetings


Khoonda townhall dantooine

1. Entrance/Exit
2. South Antechamber (also a security checkpoint)
3. North Antechamber (also a security checkpoint)
4. Administrator’s Office (Murik’s desk tends to be in front of the office’s doors)
5. Southern Corridor
6. Farmer’s Merchantile
7. Community Theater
8. Control Room: Camera/Droid/Turrent Controls
9. Garage/Workshop/Back Entrance Exit (special keycode access only)
10. Defense Droid Station and Workbench
11. Medical Lab
12. North Entrance Exit (special keycode access only)
13. Vault
14. Main Corridor
15. Administrative Assistant’s Desk

Note: The southern room between 6 & 7 is a maintenance room. The southeastern room between 7 & 8 is the generator room that powers the facility. The room north above room 4 is the refresher room. The room between the refresher room and rm. 10 is the Conference Room where the town meetings are held.


Khoonda was an autonomous government of the planet Dantooine from 3,956 BBY to at least 3,951 BBY since its assimilation into the Empire then New Republic. Now Khoonda represents the farming community that lives in the historic local area.

Khoonda is one of the most organized and well-off farming communities on Dantooine due to its structured and organized form of local government. This community has done well to keep unwanted intruders and dangerous creatures away and profit by working together as a whole.

It was once the former estate of the Matale family centuries ago however it received heavy damage due to the Sith Lord Darth Malek’s bombardment of the planet. It was then restructured into the “capital” of the Khoonda government.

Despite the Khoonda’s assimiliation into some larger government bodies the community of Khoonda still liked its own form of government therefore they kept their township together and maintained the building after all of these years (despite some much-needed modifications over the years) as a testament to their determination to survive during the harsh times the farmers of Dantooine has suffered.

Over the years, the farmers of Khoonda elected their administrator to keep the community together through leadership. Their latest leader is a man named Morkav which has done his own modifications to the building by upgrading its fortifications and keeps the place well-guarded by his heavily modified battle droids. The Khoonda community has enjoyed its peace in these few years since the fall of the Empire however, things always change…

Khoonda Townhall Building

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