Holocron of Betrayal

Sith Holocron


Any character using this Holocron can learn the following teachings from the Sith in the Holocron:

Force Talents Block, Deflect, Dark Healing, Equilibrium, Force Deception, Force Perception, Multiattack Proficiency (lightsabers), Power of the Dark Side, Telepathic Link, Trakata, Visions, Weapon Specialization (lightsabers)

Force Powers: Battle Strike, Dark Rage, Energy Resistance, Farseeing, Force Disarm, Force Lightning, Force Scream, Force Slam, Force Thrust, Kinetic Combat, Mind Trick, Move Object, Negate Energy, Rebuke, Surge, Vital Transfer, Wound

Force Techniques: Improved Kinetic Combat, Improved Sense Force

Force Secrets: Devastating Power, Distant Power, Mentor, Multitarget Power, Quicken Power, Shaped Power

Special: Master of Betrayal: If possessed by a character belonging to the Sith Tradition, the Holocron can become useful tool of deceit. When carrying this Holocron, once per day, as a reaction, the holder can choose to reroll a deceit roll and keep the better result OR the character can choose to see through another character’s Deceit roll as if they failed the roll vs. the holder’s Will save, even if the other character succeeded in that Deceit roll.

The Betrayal Holocron Keeper can also give lessons of history pertaining to Jedi and Sith Orders during the Old Republic days up until her death; perhaps even a bit beyond her death depending on the topic.

The Betrayal Holocron is also interactive on a limited basis. She can share some guidance and wisdom to those who seek it but only if it is on a similar frame of reference to her own personal experiences.


Holocron of Betrayal

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