Nova Crystal

Rare Lightsaber Crystal


The Nova Crystal ignores all DR including the DR that would otherwise resist lighsabers (with the exception of DR that results from Force powers). The crystal also ignores the debilitating effect of corstosis that would otherwise turn off a normal lightsaber.

If no other color crystal is implemented in the lightsaber, the Nova Crystal gives the blade a red-ish amber color (much like the picture of the crystal).


A gift from the living ship called Nova. She allowed her newfound friends that liberated her from Imperial hands to take some minor components from her internal systems. This special crystal not only served as a functioning “circut” for Nova but it also works as specialized lightsaber crystal.

This crystal served her friends well as it was critical to their defeating a droid of pure cortosis called IT-H8S which was carrying the dangerous criminal lord, IMAX’s identity. Who knows what fate would have befallen her friends if they did not have the crystal…

Nova Crystal

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