Star Wars

Chapter III: Party Time!

Kurzon returns for a visit and brings along more supplies and…a cantina???

Chapter II: The Ghost in the Basement

The new residents of the Jedi Enclave searched in the depths of the lower level to find a “ghost” that was sabotaging the restoration project only to find a crazed Jedi from the days of the Clone Wars.


Chapter I: Rebuilding to a New Future

Time: Approx. 300 ABY, A young, dark haired male Jedi walks into the archives of the Jedi Enclave library to begin his history assignment of the Jedi. He peruses through the archives and finds an interesting file. The file reads, “The Second Life of the Enclave”. Curious, he downloads the file to his holoprojector and begins playing it, an older woman in Jedi robes appears and begins telling the history of the rebuilding of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine:

The woman begins to tell the tale of how two Jedi named Gazroh Korgoth and Kendra Renee were assigned by the Grand Master himself, Luke Skywalker (by then only a fledgling Jedi Knight) to start rebuilding the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

There they meet Faefiri, a Jensaarai Defender as part of an exchange program in learning different aspects of the Force. A vagabond by the name of Del is also assigned, by Admiral Khurzon Pax, to help them rebuild the Enclave (as a part of his community service program).

The reconstruction project starts off without a hitch as they cleared most of the top level and planned on reconstruction in the sublevel the followind day. However, the reconstruction gets slightly disrupted as a falling object from the sky crashes nearby. Gaz and Faefiri go to investigate only to discover that the falling object was a ship that crashed. This ship contained a feminine passanger to Faefiri’s surprise, was an actual Pureblooded Sith which was believed to be extinct eons ago.

They return to the Enclave and help the Sith recover to discover that her name is Exal Sadow but that she has no memory of her personal history or why she ended up on Dantooine. Though wary of her presence, the group accepted her story and even allowed her to assist in their reconstruction project.

As they grouped together in the arboretum in Kendra’s effort as a get-to-know-ya situation and for Gaz to answer any technical questions, concerns were expressed about equipment failures which only were enhanced when the power went off. A sign that dashed everyone’s hopes of this reconstruction project running without any problems.


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