Jedi Enclave

Jedi enclave ground lvl dantooine Ground Level
Jedi enclave sub lvl dantooine Sub-Level


Ground Level:
1. Landing Pad
2. Docking Bay
3. Storage Room
4. Entrance/Exit
5. Dormitory
6. Jedi Council Room
7. Combat Training Room
Note: The Circular room West of the Entrace/Exit is the Enclave Arboretum.

Sub Level:
1. Back Entrance/Exit to Sub-Level
2. West Training Area
3. Storage Room
4. NW Training Area
5. Droid Bay and Workbench
6. Eastern Corridor
7. Jedi Archives/Library (Note: Across from the archieve/library is the generator room that
powers the Enclave)
8. Storage Bay
9. Lesson Room (Note: There is also a Lesson Room in the northern corridor as well)
10. Arboretum
Note: The circular room between the arboretum and the storage room is the
Enclave’s Situation Room.

The Jedi Enclave on Dantooine has seen its fair share of good and bad times. It once stood as a bastion of peace on Dantooine during the days of the Old Republic when it was founded by Jedi Master Vodo-Siosk Baas up until its destruction in 3,956 BBY by the Sith Lord Darth Malek.

The Enclave was ran by a satellite Jedi Council that watched over their sector of space and the training of Jedi students while they took their orders from the Jedi Council from Coruscant. They often helped the surrounding farming communties that came to them in need and upheld the peace whenever there were skirmishes.

The ground level floor was where the Jedi Council convened and listened to any grievances the locals needed to make to them. It also contained a training room where Jedi apprentices learned combat, about the Force, and often built their own lightsabers when they were knighted. It also had a dormitory where padawans tended to stay however it doubled as a waiting room for guests awaiting to speak before the council.

The sub-level was restricted to the Jedi Masters only (or those who had special permission from the Jedi Masters). This level was the nerve center of the Enclave; there it had the generator room which powered the Enclave, various training rooms, a droid bay, a situation room (where they often convened with the Jedi Council on Coruscant), and most importantly, the Library/Archives.

After its destruction, the Enclave laid in ruin until the Khoonda farming community attempted to rebuild the Enclave in honor of the Jedi thanks in part to the actions of the Outcast Jedi known as Meetra Surik that saved their community. However this rebuilding was short-lived when the remaining Jedi Council was mysteriously murdered within the council chambers. The Enclave was used again a century later but only for a short while until the Great Galactic War broke out then was altogether abandoned. There were rumors that activity was going on within the Enclave during the Galactic Civil War but it was all left to speculation.

The Enclave used to stand in partial ruin as testament to the difficult times the Jedi Order has endured, a mere shadow of its former glory; but it is now restored thanks to the DERP and its Force-wielding allies.


Dantooine_Enclave_council_chambers_restored.png Enclave Council Chambers
Dantooine_library_restored.jpg Enclave Library
Situation_room_2.jpg Enclave Situation Room
Dantooine_Enclave_lesson_room_restored.png Enclave Lesson Room
Enclave_meditation_room.jpg Enclave Meditation Room
Enclave_Force_holding_cell.jpg Enclave Force Holding Cell
Enclave_Cantina.jpg Enclave Cantina

Jedi Enclave

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