Sith Pureblood

The Sith, known alternatively as Red Sith or Sith Purebloods, were a species of red–skinned Humanoids that originated on the world of Korriban, before finally settling on the ice-world of Ziost. Also distinct for their bone spurs, facial tentacles, and genetic predispositions toward the dark side of the Force, the Sith species coalesced into an empire ruled first by kings known as Sith’ari, and later by Dark Lords. Despite a society dominated by barbarism and infighting, Sith civilization culminated in a Golden Age, after which the species was all but scattered across the galaxy. An eponymous dark side tradition took the species’ name, one that, despite numerous manifestations over time, maintained foundations borne of the customs, science and magic practiced by the ancient Sith species.

The Sith were a proud and violent species of humanoids that evolved on Korriban, a planet within the Horuset system in an isolated Outer Rim region called the Stygian Caldera. The Sith had a larger than average number of individuals with potential to use the Force in their species, so high in fact that the entire species was considered strongly Force-sensitive. The abundant Force-sensitivity resulted from a symbiotic relationship with the dark side of the Force, where they—like the other few creatures that inhabited the planet—derived sustenance directly from the dark side of the Force, and empowered it in–turn.

After their arrival in Sith space after the Hundred-Year Darkness, Human Dark Jedi began to interbreed with the Sith. For nearly two thousand years, superstition, loyalty and sympathy were bred out as the two groups interbred, and qualities such as cunning, ambition and affinity to the Force were favored, which shaped Sith society over the centuries. In the Sith Empire, as time progressed pure-blooded Sith were steadily bred out, resulting in only a few pure-blooded Sith left in the Sith Empire by the time of the Great Hyperspace War. Long after, the true species in the Empire were believed have gone extinct due to the interbreeding process.

However, some such as the hybrid Sith Purebloods in the Great Galactic War showed even more dilute Sith characteristics than the likes of Sadow. One such example was Exal Kressh, who only expressed Sith traits such as red skin, glowing yellow eyes, and Force-sensitivity. All other features such as cheek tendrils or eyebrow-ridges were not present, though some other members did show other features shared with the original species. Some members even expressed more features than the actual Sith species showed; like the presence of extra pairs of cheek tendrils. In fact, the Sith Purebloods were thought to be very different from the original Sith species as a whole, and to be a Pureblood required that one had retained enough traits shared with the original species to be visually clear in their appearance. Elderly Purebloods showed signs of old–age through their skin developing deep wrinkles, paling and mottling with dark brown age spots. Aged Purebloods also tended to have withered tendrils. Unlike their ancestors, Sith Purebloods did not exist as an entirely Force sensitive race, though it was extremely rare to find members unable to manipulate the Force.

The certain Dark Jedi traits inherited from the Dark Jedi–Sith interbreeding Post–Hundred-Year Darkness were selected for by some individuals, claiming that they were the strongest because of it. However, others were not supporters of this blood over Sith bloodlines; some being proud of their Sith traits and lineage, as well as despising any other species and their inclusion in the Sith Empire. From the view of the Red Sith, none other than themselves should be considered Sith.

Personality: Sith Purebloods tend to be scheming and ruthless. They are usually driven by the Dark Side of the Force to conquer the galaxy and they tend to carry their ancient hatred of the Jedi and are sworn to wipe them out of existence.

Physical Description: Sith Purebloods tend to have black hair, yellow eyes, and crimson skin; but these can vary depending on their bloodlines. They have inherited some of the boney protrusions from their sith-blooded ancestry which is usually prominent on their faces. Otherwise their physical builds tends to resemble their human ancestry.

Homeworlds: Korriban, then Ziost, then Dromund Kaas.
Languages: Sith Purebloods speak, read, and write Sith and Basic.
Example Names: Exal Kreesh, Ludo Kressh, Marka Ragnos, Naga Sadow, Simus.
Adventurers: During the Golden Age of the Sith, Sith Purebloods are rare in the Republic. They were content with conquering neighboring worlds in their own region of space and keeping themselves isolated. That is until the Sith Lord Naga Sadow took the Sith to war against the Old Republic. Upon the Sith’s defeat, the Purebloods went into obscurity, never to be heard from for centuries.

During the Galactic Cold War the Sith Purebloods resurfaced, still carrying their ancient grudge against the Jedi Order. By this time they can be found on most Outer Rim systems on the planets they have obtained by the time of their signing of the Treaty of Coruscant which they refer to as the Seat of the Empire. Some Sith Purebloods can be found on these planets and even in Republic Space scheming and planning their next move to strike a blow to the weakened Republic.

Sith Pureblood adventurers are usually of the Jedi class (though not belonging to the Jedi Order) since they are mostly Force Sensitive, though some can be nobles or soldiers.

Sith Pureblood share the following species traits:
Ability Modifiers: Sith Purebloods have no ability score adjustments.
Medium Size: As Medium creatures, Pureblood Sith have no special bonuses
or penalties due to their size.
Speed: Sith Pureblood base speed is 6 squares.
Jedi Scourge: Sith Purebloods and Jedi are ancient enemies, Sith Purebloods receives the Dark Scourge Talent from the Sith Talent Tree (Core pg. 223) for free.
Weapon Familiarity: Sith Purebloods treat the lanvarok and sith lanvarok as simple weapons instead of an exotic weapons.
Automatic Languages: Basic and Sith.

Sith Pureblood

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