Star Wars

Chapter VIII: Manaan Prt. 2 "Submergence"


As the Heroes of Khoonda Plains continue on with their relaxing vacation/mission, they are assaulted in their hotel suite by some Selkath warriors! They manage to defeat them and realize that they have damaged GE and kidnapped the young padawans and taken them below.

In a rush, they used the Mind Trick on some of the Selkath management in order to take a submersible down to one of the abandoned underwater research facilities. There they came across members of the Order of Shasa who reveal to the Heroes that Dark Side Selkath broke away from the order and formed their own organization called the Disciples of the Dark One. Members of the Order of Shasa offered to help the Heroes rescue their padawans and in hopes to defeating this Dark Side organization.


The Heroes managed to penetrate the Disciples’ hideout and find the padawans which were being held hostage by the Disciples’ leader, Skormo Melth. He tried negotiating with the Heroes but eventually surrendered only to have his head cut off by Kendra’s very own apprentice. Undeterred by the scolding he received from Kendra, he revealed that he knew of Kendra’s own sense of “justice” when she beheaded Morkav and his assistant and stated he was only following Kendra’s example of enacting justice. Eventually, Kendra and her apprentice came to agreement that both were in the wrong and together they would meditate on their wrong-doings and move forward on doing the right thing from that time forward. Kendra planned to return to the Enclave to focus her attention on training her new padawan to the correct path a Jedi should take before they could both be consumed by the Dark Side.


The Order of Shasa was grateful for the Heroes’ assistance but could offer nothing for their help. Both the Jedi and the Order however agreed it would be beneficial for both sides to open up an invitation for a member of the Order of Shasa to accompany the Jedi to Dantooine for part of their exchange program and one young and eager Order member volunteered to join them.

The Heroes also managed to find the Star Map leading them to their next path to Kashyyyk; along with a lost Force Mask, another artifact imbued with special Force enhancements that was created centuries ago.


They returned to the surface and relaxed in their (relocated) room with plans to return to Dantooine. The peace did not last however as the Heroes were subpoenaed to attend their tribunal! Will they prove their guilt or innocence for the laws they broke?

Chapter VIII: Manaan Prt. 1 "R & R"


The Heroes of Khoonda Plains arrive at Manaan in search for the second Star Map. They settled in a luxurious hotel, courtesy of Faefiri, and enjoyed their time shopping and sightseeing before going on with their search.


Eventually, they started their search at the Ahto City Archives in attempt to follow Revan’s footsteps many centuries ago. They discovered that they need to go down into the ocean in order to find the Star Map however the Selkath have restricted outsiders from going underneath due to the dangers there. Kendra however managed to arrange something with Senator Mon Mothma to gain approval to go down below; now they await word to hear back from her. In the meantime, the heroes decide to enjoy the pleasures that Ahto City has to provide for them…

Interlude III: Shadows from the Past

Exal, aided by her friends, investigated the Rakatan ruins which contained the Star Forge Map.


They underwent trials of both cunning and lethal and triumphed. Then they learned from an ancient computer program that the Rakatans not only left a map to get to the Star Forge, but blueprints on how to construct one! However, these blueprint fragments are also scattered throughout the galaxy.


The heroes have realized they have unwittingly entered a race for these blueprints with the prize containing powerful and dangerous knowledge!

Interlude II: Prize Fight

The Heroes of Khoonda Plains make a trip to Nar Shadaa to track down a Force Sensitive youngling.

Kendra and Gaz manage to find help via a reputable slicer calling himself “Lo-Kee” in tracking down this gifted child.

Meanwhile, the others earn their income the only way one can on Nar Shadaa…gambling. After using the Force to “insure” their winning, they earned a large some of credits to become self-sufficient. However Faefiri and Exal were caught cheating and was banned from most casinos.

After all meeting up, they discovered the child was already purchased by a rich tycoon that is head of a powerful corporation on Nar Shadaa. He eventually agreed to allow the Jedi to have the child only if they would provide entertainment: one of their own to be the champion against his own champion, a nameless Mandalorian.

Faefiri managed to win the duel and they were awarded the child. They managed to return to Dantooine where they rested a bit and then began training their new padawans.

Interlude I: Starting the Quiet Life

Nothing much happened here in this session. The PC’s managed to get farm equipment while some helped the Khoonda Community begin rebuilding.

Del manages to get himself a Z-95 Headhunter, but it is incomplete; Kendra has a vision of a Force-Sensitive child on Nar Shadaa and prepares to head there to see if she can find him.

Chapter VII: The Battle of Khoonda Prt. II/One Step At A Time

The Battle of Khoonda Plains draws to its climatic conclusion with the defenders of the Jedi Enclave victorious and the raiders run scattered. However, this victory is short-lived as they discover that Morkav has the Khoonda Community under lock and key as he declared a martial law and has forbidden anyone to come in or out of the community with his droid army as his enforcers.

Turning their sites on Morkav, they try to hatch a plan but in the meanwhile Del tries to confront Morkav via his droids only to nearly be killed but is captured alive…barely. The others commence with a rescue and assault the Townhall eventually reuniting with Del and defeating Morkav and his droid forces.

The people of the community are liberated and grateful. Morkav, now captive under the Jedi’s custody, threatens to return and take back what is his. Seeing he may hold true to his threat and seeing only one way to deal with Morkav once and for all, Kendra executes Morkav and his associate by beheading them both. Gaz does not witness the double homicide that Kendra committed, but makes a safe conclusion. He says nothing however and discreetly buries their bodies.

Galen Frey becomes the de facto leader of the farming community and begins their rebuilding from the destruction that Morkav’s droids have wrought. The community has once again began working for peace…but at what cost?

Chapter VI: The Battle of Khoonda Plains Prt. I

The Jedi Enclave is under attack! Faefiri, Kendra, Gaz, Del, along with the Banshee squad, fight a desperate battle against huge odds when they take on a large number of raiders!


Chapter V: The Calm Before the Storm

After missing for a week, Exal had returned to the Enclave. She is now under suspicion by everyone due to the events that have occurred recently. She claims she was rendered unconscious in a cave while training yet the facts prove contrary.

The Jedi were also (unofficially) invited to a Town Hall Meeting by Galen Brey in order to defend themselves from the wild accusations of a nearby farming town being massacred. There they found out a red-skinned woman razed the town by a surviving witness. Kendra spoke on the Jedi’s behalf pleading that they be allowed to prove themselves innocent and to be accepting of them to part of the community. A vote was to be conducted by the townspeople whether to reject the Jedi and accept Administrator Markov’s martial law or to accept the Jedi and deny martial law; Galen gave his two cents to the community prior to the vote about accepting the Jedi despite the hardships as they are an adaptable people which swayed a lot of the township’s members to ultimately vote in favor for the Jedi.

Before parting, the Jedi confronted Markov about combining their efforts in the investigation. However, Markov denied this request citing the fact that Jedi could “tamper” with the findings and felt it should be better if the investigation was done independently but they could compare the results when both sides gather enough evidence.

As the Jedi gathered together, they investigated the ruins of the razed town. A surprise attack was sprung as a small squad of raiders attacked the Jedi. The Jedi managed to fend off the attack and capture a prisoner. Faefiri also managed to find a datapad with disturbing information: the Raiders planned to use all of their forces to attack the Jedi Enclave! Along with that information, Galen reports that with the recent raider events, Markov has went ahead with declaring martial law on the community and has isolated everyone. He has also forbidden the Jedi to approach the premises or they would be shot on sight!
Will the Jedi be able to find enough time to fortify their nearly reconstructed Enclave? Can their trust in Exal be warranted considering the recent events that have occurred? What will the relations between the Khoonda Community and the Jedi be should they survive this onslaught? Stay tuned to find out!

Chapter IV: Little Orphan An-Nee

Our heroes took a trip to Coruscant in search of a Force Sensitive child only to run into a vicious gang of criminals known as the Rancors…

Chapter III: Party Time!

Kurzon returns for a visit and brings along more supplies and…a cantina???


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