Star Wars

Chapter V: The Calm Before the Storm

After missing for a week, Exal had returned to the Enclave. She is now under suspicion by everyone due to the events that have occurred recently. She claims she was rendered unconscious in a cave while training yet the facts prove contrary.

The Jedi were also (unofficially) invited to a Town Hall Meeting by Galen Brey in order to defend themselves from the wild accusations of a nearby farming town being massacred. There they found out a red-skinned woman razed the town by a surviving witness. Kendra spoke on the Jedi’s behalf pleading that they be allowed to prove themselves innocent and to be accepting of them to part of the community. A vote was to be conducted by the townspeople whether to reject the Jedi and accept Administrator Markov’s martial law or to accept the Jedi and deny martial law; Galen gave his two cents to the community prior to the vote about accepting the Jedi despite the hardships as they are an adaptable people which swayed a lot of the township’s members to ultimately vote in favor for the Jedi.

Before parting, the Jedi confronted Markov about combining their efforts in the investigation. However, Markov denied this request citing the fact that Jedi could “tamper” with the findings and felt it should be better if the investigation was done independently but they could compare the results when both sides gather enough evidence.

As the Jedi gathered together, they investigated the ruins of the razed town. A surprise attack was sprung as a small squad of raiders attacked the Jedi. The Jedi managed to fend off the attack and capture a prisoner. Faefiri also managed to find a datapad with disturbing information: the Raiders planned to use all of their forces to attack the Jedi Enclave! Along with that information, Galen reports that with the recent raider events, Markov has went ahead with declaring martial law on the community and has isolated everyone. He has also forbidden the Jedi to approach the premises or they would be shot on sight!
Will the Jedi be able to find enough time to fortify their nearly reconstructed Enclave? Can their trust in Exal be warranted considering the recent events that have occurred? What will the relations between the Khoonda Community and the Jedi be should they survive this onslaught? Stay tuned to find out!


Markov is a problem. I could practically feel his grasping desire to ‘protect’ the Community: he means to own it, rather than serve it. This is… not my problem. For the moment.

It does, however, put Galen and his family in danger. He has been friendly to us, and challenging to Markov’s authority. I sense looming danger for him in the future: this is unacceptable. Markov will be dealt with in time. Permanently.

And what’s this now? Keeping prisoners? In a place of learning? Foolishness. Eliminate him or let him go, but do not imprison him where there are young, old, and non-combatants.

I must calm myself: frustration and fury must balance with patience and temperance. Discipline. I will be a teacher soon, and with what I have seen of the new Jedi teachings… there will be much ‘fixing’ to do. So I must hold myself to the highest standard of the Jensaarai, to be a good example.

Hrmph. A good example of the Lightish-Gray side of the Force.

All of that must wait: focus on the here and now. I have four capable fighters, including myself, and a barely-defensible position. They have fighters nearly on par with us, and in larger numbers, with more resources and more time to prepare the attack.

We are all in grave danger from the coming strife. I do not wish to see my new friends harmed, or worse, so I must Defend them. Even from themselves, if need be…


I just don’t get it. Those raiders, they were waiting for us. That town was ransacked, there was nothing left to take, yet there they were, ready for us. Why do I get the feeling we were set up?

What does it mean to be a Jedi? Right now, I am having serious doubts about this whole whole thing. I know rebuilding the Jedi order is important to Luke, it’s important to me to. However, this is becoming more trouble than it’s worth.

Between Sul-ree sabotaging or operation, raiders deciding to take us out, the town not wanting us around, and now some kind of dark Jedi, this is simply becoming too complicated. Part of me just wants to suggest scrapping this whole thing, and leaving this planet for good.

Fact is, this isn’t working, and I’m tired of pretending it is.


Martial law? For farmers? If it weren’t too familiar to my past, it’d be laughable. The tiny man’s desire for power will be his own undoing. He has an army of droids, but I don’t think that can do much against the raiders. He only makes it harder for us to aid him.

As for the raiders, they seemed surprised that Exal was on our side. I don’t know if she’s lying to us, or some evil force is taking her over, but either way, she must be watched closely. I hope that when she attacked the farm, she was not herself. We need as many force users as we can get.

And everyone else in the new Enclave is content to sit back and try to follow the old Jedi ways. I’m not suggesting we become a police-force, or turn completely to war-like ways, but we can’t sit back and be pacifists anymore either.

And if that damn bar tending droid keeps charging peoples drinks to my tab, it may be time for a little creative programming…

overlord_hupp overlord_hupp

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