Star Wars

Chapter VII: The Battle of Khoonda Prt. II/One Step At A Time

The Battle of Khoonda Plains draws to its climatic conclusion with the defenders of the Jedi Enclave victorious and the raiders run scattered. However, this victory is short-lived as they discover that Morkav has the Khoonda Community under lock and key as he declared a martial law and has forbidden anyone to come in or out of the community with his droid army as his enforcers.

Turning their sites on Morkav, they try to hatch a plan but in the meanwhile Del tries to confront Morkav via his droids only to nearly be killed but is captured alive…barely. The others commence with a rescue and assault the Townhall eventually reuniting with Del and defeating Morkav and his droid forces.

The people of the community are liberated and grateful. Morkav, now captive under the Jedi’s custody, threatens to return and take back what is his. Seeing he may hold true to his threat and seeing only one way to deal with Morkav once and for all, Kendra executes Morkav and his associate by beheading them both. Gaz does not witness the double homicide that Kendra committed, but makes a safe conclusion. He says nothing however and discreetly buries their bodies.

Galen Frey becomes the de facto leader of the farming community and begins their rebuilding from the destruction that Morkav’s droids have wrought. The community has once again began working for peace…but at what cost?


overlord_hupp overlord_hupp

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