Star Wars

Chapter II: The Ghost in the Basement

The new residents of the Jedi Enclave searched in the depths of the lower level to find a “ghost” that was sabotaging the restoration project only to find a crazed Jedi from the days of the Clone Wars.



The secret’s out.

On one hand, I feel as if a great weight has been lifted. On the other, I feel like I’m in more danger than before.

Both the Jedi, Gaz and Kendra, are aware of my past. It won’t be long until the amnesiac Sith and that Faefiri fellow figure it out as well. Especially once I build myself another lightsaber.

I feel an odd kinship with Sul-Ree, the Jedi who’s been hiding out here since Order 66. He lost his apprentice, I lost my master. I think sharing my experiences with him has helped calm his mind, bring him back to sanity.

For the first time in a long time I feel hope: hope that the Jedi can return to the galaxy, hope that I can finally stop running.


>>start new correspondence: Recipient – ‘Dashing’ Admiral Kurzon Pax


Two days. I had Fortune’s Legacy for TWO DAYS before it sustained damage. Gaz fixed it up again, but he only had enough parts to fix it, not fix it and make it look nice again, so it’s not nearly as shiny as when we left.

The Enclave wasn’t empty. We ‘found’ a man who’s been here for some time, after escaping a certain two digit order. He thought we were a threat, which is why he sabotaged our gear, our ships, and GE. We managed to talk him down and we’ll see how he’ll fit in now.

Otherwise, we’ve managed to make good progress, despite the ‘problems’. Gaz got the power back on, again, and fixed the damage. The Enclave is in fairly good condition, it just needs some cleaning and a little work. We even made contact with the local farming community here.

Their compound is ‘guarded’ by B1 and B2 droids. I’m proud to admit that I didn’t destroy a single one, though I thought about it quite a bit. They even had the older voices which was disquieting to say the least.

It’s quieter here and despite there being lots to be done, it’s somehow calmer than the hustle and bustle of the fleet. It’s going to take some getting used to, not being around so much life and busyness. (And before you ask, no I haven’t been sleeping. I’ve been using Force trance again.)

You’ll have to visit when we get up and going and you have some downtime. It would be nice to have a conversation or a meal without a deadline. I believe we’re overdue for a discussion about, well, us and our future. Nothing pressing, I think, but needs to be done eventually. (And no, I didn’t use the ‘we have to talk’ line. I said discussion!)

I’m excited about this mission and hopeful for its future. I miss you, hope you’re doing well, and look forward to hearing from you.

May the Force and all my Love go with you,


>>end correspondence.


>>>> Correspondence sent via secured channel… >>> Opening now…

  • Kurzon’s holoimage appears *

Hello, my dear! I got your message the other day. I sure do miss those times where there was no hustle and bustle…sad thing is, I can’t remember too many of those days! I do remember that when I was with you, I wished that time would have stopped. It did seem to stand still for a while when I was “living the moment” but then next thing I know, we were both parting ways as usual.

It’s good to hear things are going well down there. By your reputations, my buddy Lando –er General Calrissian, suspected you guys would be in far worse trouble already. I guess I won the bet…not that I’m hoping you guys will get into trouble down the road, but c’mon honey, you know trouble does tend to follow you guys!

Now that you are likely scowling at me, I will quickly change the subject clears throat , I am glad you didn’t attack those droids, this community seems to be worth more trouble if they’ve got lots of battle droids there. Be careful, you don’t know what kind of modifications they’ve received, they might not be pushovers like they were during- well, you know.

You may need to notify Luke about the hermit Jedi you found there, he may be interested to hear in your progress of how you guys are doing, but for the time being, I will catch him up to speed for ya!

I may be able to grant your “wish” here in the near future! I am getting some shore leave time prior to doing a BIG mission I’ve received so I will most definitely plan on heading there! It may not be the ideal “holiday spot” but peace and quiet can do us some good. I am glad you clarified the ‘discussion’ part but I wasn’t too concerned when you first mentioned it. I’ll bring down some better parts and more supplies for you guys as well. We’ll have Fortune’s Legacy lookin’ like “new” again in no time!

Crewman: Admiral, you’re needed on the bridge. Kurzon: I’ll be right there!

Well dear, guess I’m back at it again. Hope to hear from you soon again! I love you too! Take care!

>>>> End Transmission.


Jedi are crazy. Even the sane ones.

I’ll clean this up for my ‘proper journal’ later, but… by the Force, these people are weird. There is none of the tranquility and calm acceptance I remember learning about as a child, nor the true aggression and strength used to temper it.

Gazroh seems to be the calmest member of the group, and the de facto leader. It is strange, because of the four Force Sensitives he would appear to be the most unlearned, or at least rusty. Still, he is pleasant company, and not too hard on the eyes.

Exal is, as always, a joy to spend time with. We have learned much together, though my attempt to teach her temperance and control is greatly at odds with her former way of life. Still, balancing The Dark Side with the Light side, honing both edges of the blade, is a worthwhile practice, and I look forward to sharing more with her in time.

Kendra is interesting to work with, as always. Gentle, but fierce, and with a hint of the Dark Side burning in her. We have spoken often about her recent past, and I think I have explained the theory of control and balance well to her.

That’s everyone, I think. Right?

overlord_hupp overlord_hupp

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