Star Wars

Chapter I: Rebuilding to a New Future

Time: Approx. 300 ABY, A young, dark haired male Jedi walks into the archives of the Jedi Enclave library to begin his history assignment of the Jedi. He peruses through the archives and finds an interesting file. The file reads, “The Second Life of the Enclave”. Curious, he downloads the file to his holoprojector and begins playing it, an older woman in Jedi robes appears and begins telling the history of the rebuilding of the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine:

The woman begins to tell the tale of how two Jedi named Gazroh Korgoth and Kendra Renee were assigned by the Grand Master himself, Luke Skywalker (by then only a fledgling Jedi Knight) to start rebuilding the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine.

There they meet Faefiri, a Jensaarai Defender as part of an exchange program in learning different aspects of the Force. A vagabond by the name of Del is also assigned, by Admiral Khurzon Pax, to help them rebuild the Enclave (as a part of his community service program).

The reconstruction project starts off without a hitch as they cleared most of the top level and planned on reconstruction in the sublevel the followind day. However, the reconstruction gets slightly disrupted as a falling object from the sky crashes nearby. Gaz and Faefiri go to investigate only to discover that the falling object was a ship that crashed. This ship contained a feminine passanger to Faefiri’s surprise, was an actual Pureblooded Sith which was believed to be extinct eons ago.

They return to the Enclave and help the Sith recover to discover that her name is Exal Sadow but that she has no memory of her personal history or why she ended up on Dantooine. Though wary of her presence, the group accepted her story and even allowed her to assist in their reconstruction project.

As they grouped together in the arboretum in Kendra’s effort as a get-to-know-ya situation and for Gaz to answer any technical questions, concerns were expressed about equipment failures which only were enhanced when the power went off. A sign that dashed everyone’s hopes of this reconstruction project running without any problems.


_.Journal of a Jensaarai Defender,

Chapter 2, Verses 1-9

My mission so declared, I set forth to establish relations with the New Jedi Order under Luke Skywalker. Upon my arrival I shared my greetings with several old acquaintances: the stalwart mechanic Gazroh Korgoth, and the angel of the battlefield Kendra Renee. The three of us, along with several laborers and droids, were to reestablish a Jedi Temple on the distant planet of Dantooine while Skywalker aided the New Republic’s birthing struggles.

Seeing this as an opportunity to redress the mistakes of the Old Order, I accepted Skywalker’s plea and set forth to Dantooine. Our arrival was heralded only by the swirling of dust and the muted roar of the Temple’s final memories.

Exploring the ruin and a nearby wreck yielded a wealth of information and wonder. Among these were a Sith Holocron, a remarkable find in a Jedi Temple, and the young female Sith Pureblood Exal Sadow. Exal proved to have no memory, save for the the muscle-memory and Force Techniques from her past training.

I approached Exal with friendship and alliance, looking forward to plumbing the secrets of the Holocron with her, balancing the Jedi’s ‘Light Side’ with the Sith teachings that formed our respective educations.


>>start new journal: Strike Mission

I may have disagreed with the methods of how we took down that Imperial cruiser, but I do have to admit that it was effective. Despite the lives lost, they would have been much more had Gaz and I not gone to ‘quickly’ disable the engines.

I’m really tired of these guerrilla tactics. I don’t enjoy cutting down stormtroopers. I don’t enjoy feeling my allies and enemies die around me. But, as one of the leaders said (even if he was tipsy) ‘We’re much too valuable a resource to squander in the Medbay and Repairbay’.

And now Kurzon has a Cruiser. Well, as long as they can fix the engine. I didn’t make it easy on them.

>>end journal.
>>start new journal: Jedi Mission

Finally! We’re FINALLY going to start focusing on rebuilding the Jedi. Luke’s been busy (we all have been) so he requested that Gaz and I start it up for him. We’re to rebuild the Enclave on Dantooine and begin teaching students.

No more guerrilla tactics. No more strike missions. Building and teaching.

On DANTOOINE, where I found my holocron and Gazroh learned of his Force Sensitivity.

I’m, dare I say it, excited. Hopeful. The Jensaarai even sent an emissary, Faefiri. I’d missed Fae since he left to help his people after Endor.

It will mean spending some time away from Kurzon, but … that might be a good thing. We’ll write back and forth, and hopefully the distance and time will help us find that spark again.

This will be good I think.

>>end journal.
>>start new journal: Dantooine 1

The Enclave ruins are in fairly good condition, given their age. Most of the doors are still in working order once we removed the rubble and applied power. We’re really going to have to find a way to connect the ground and sub levels together so we don’t have to go outside to go from one to the other.

Sub level has the library (some of the files are broken and I need power to check the rest), training rooms, lesson rooms, the droid bay and several storage rooms. From the map, I think the storage room opposite the droid bay will make a good medbay, but I haven’t had the chance to check yet.

Ground level has some dormitories, the Jedi council room, the combat training room, and the landing pad that just fits the Nu-class Republic Shuttle and my ‘new’ Dynamic Class Freighter.

Kurzon gave me a ship. He surprised me with a ship just before we left. We’ve had a our rough patches but he decided to give it to me as an anniversary gift.

Alright, he earned himself some brownie points. He did good.

I’ve decided to name it Fortune’s Legacy. I thought about possibly naming it after someone important to me—Bobbary, Toby, Kel Vathir—but it was too hard to choose just one. Both the ship and I are from the Old Republic (though the ship is from a much older era). I’ve always been fairly Fortunate in the past (or maybe just stubborn?) and I believe I’ll continue to be so in the Future (especially stubborn). Both the ship and I are the Old Republic’s Legacy in the future.

We’ll have to see if the ship is as Fortunate as I hope it is.

The presence of the Sith that crash landed on planet concerns me. And not Sith as in philosophy, but the race. She has no memory of why she came to Dantooine. Maybe it was to find the Sith holocron Fae found. Maybe it was to interfere with us. Maybe it was to escape whatever situation she was in. I don’t know, but then neither does she. I’ll have to keep an eye on her, just in case she does start to remember her reason.

This is good. Rebuilding and working towards a brighter future is good.

I should probably should start on a letter to Kurzon.

>>end journal.
>start journal: Dantooine 2

Something is here with us in the Enclave. Ghosts is my best guess; whatever it is doesn’t have a living Force signature. It’s starting to spook the men, especially Del (the ‘community service’ guy Kurzon unloaded onto us). Our brand new generators are dying, shorting out. Some people are seeing things and even the non-force-sensitives are feeling uneasy.

At least Gaz got the Enclave’s power working.

Wait … why did the lights just go off?

>>end journal.



Journal Entry 001: This… is risky. What I’m about to put down into this repaired datapad could reveal myself to those around me, and I could have to go on the run all over again. The Jedi think it’s safe now, but they haven’t spent their entire adult lives on the run, being hunted down by stormtroopers or inquisitors.

I learned to leave that life behind me long ago. It’s the only way to survive. Even using the Force could alert someone nearby. I’m no longer a Jedi. That’s buried.

Or so I thought.

Being here, looking at the images of learning and meditation that have survived the ages, I am filled with a longing for the days of my youth. Side by side with Famdoral, Force be with him, while we fought against what we thought at the time to be the tyrannical CIS. Foolish.

But here, in this place, I feel the urge to reveal myself to Kendra and Gaz. They’re good people, and if the Jedi really are on the mend, and this New Republic isn’t just a temporary thing… I don’t know. We have to deal with the power issues and the sightings first.



(holy crap that entire intro was reduced to single words…. it was supposed to be me running a decryption program…. awesomely failed)

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