Star Wars

Chapter VIII: Manaan Prt. 2 "Submergence"


As the Heroes of Khoonda Plains continue on with their relaxing vacation/mission, they are assaulted in their hotel suite by some Selkath warriors! They manage to defeat them and realize that they have damaged GE and kidnapped the young padawans and taken them below.

In a rush, they used the Mind Trick on some of the Selkath management in order to take a submersible down to one of the abandoned underwater research facilities. There they came across members of the Order of Shasa who reveal to the Heroes that Dark Side Selkath broke away from the order and formed their own organization called the Disciples of the Dark One. Members of the Order of Shasa offered to help the Heroes rescue their padawans and in hopes to defeating this Dark Side organization.


The Heroes managed to penetrate the Disciples’ hideout and find the padawans which were being held hostage by the Disciples’ leader, Skormo Melth. He tried negotiating with the Heroes but eventually surrendered only to have his head cut off by Kendra’s very own apprentice. Undeterred by the scolding he received from Kendra, he revealed that he knew of Kendra’s own sense of “justice” when she beheaded Morkav and his assistant and stated he was only following Kendra’s example of enacting justice. Eventually, Kendra and her apprentice came to agreement that both were in the wrong and together they would meditate on their wrong-doings and move forward on doing the right thing from that time forward. Kendra planned to return to the Enclave to focus her attention on training her new padawan to the correct path a Jedi should take before they could both be consumed by the Dark Side.


The Order of Shasa was grateful for the Heroes’ assistance but could offer nothing for their help. Both the Jedi and the Order however agreed it would be beneficial for both sides to open up an invitation for a member of the Order of Shasa to accompany the Jedi to Dantooine for part of their exchange program and one young and eager Order member volunteered to join them.

The Heroes also managed to find the Star Map leading them to their next path to Kashyyyk; along with a lost Force Mask, another artifact imbued with special Force enhancements that was created centuries ago.


They returned to the surface and relaxed in their (relocated) room with plans to return to Dantooine. The peace did not last however as the Heroes were subpoenaed to attend their tribunal! Will they prove their guilt or innocence for the laws they broke?


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